Change Can Be Difficult, but Necessary!


Let’s just admit it, change is hard. Even when we know it will benefit us, change is seldom easy. I’m not certain what it is about change that causes us to push it away, but we do. And, when we do, we miss opportunities to grow and prosper.

Even if every change in life came with a positive guarantee, I suspect making those changes still wouldn’t be easy. The truth is, whether we embrace it or not, change is going to happen. Nothing stays the same. So, let’s prepare for change by living life to the fullest, embracing change when it comes our way, and even inviting change into our lives.

In this edition of IMARA Woman Magazine, we pay tribute to our 2016 IMARA Man Honorees—Dr. Cleveland Sellers, Durham Carter, Dr. Steven Wilson, Jonathan Green and Senator Floyd Nicholson. These dynamic brothers are change agents. Their talent and passion are transforming the lives of those they touch. Those of us who know them value their dedication and selfless commitment to our communities. We have seen the impact of their vision and work all around us. Their leadership motivates us to reach for change and seize the opportunities that it brings.

So, let’s make a promise to ourselves to keep an open mind to new opportunities, new people, new chances to grow—change. After all, that’s what change is all about and let’s not let it pass us by.

Be blessed,

Wendy C. Brawley


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IMARA Woman’s mission is simply to empower women of color by being a source of inspiration on issues of health, professional development, education, business and family.

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