Hate Will Not Win!


“Make America Great Again,” what does that tagline really mean? Does making America great again mean turning back the hands of time to a segregated society? Does it mean saying anything we want to anyone we want, without fear or caring for the impact of our words? Does it mean relegating people who don’t look like us to a second class status? Or maybe it means making sure that only those with money will have a voice in our government—the right to health care, an education, meaningful employment and the ability to live with dignity.  Are we on a collision course in America that will divide this country so deeply that unity will no longer even be considered a desirable goal? Some will argue that what makes America great is wealth and the power to destroy the enemy. But I believe that neither wealth nor power is what makes America great. What makes America great is the heart of our people. And that is why this place that we find ourselves in today is pivotal to our continued success as a great nation.  Our nation’s leadership is flawed and promotes and motivates hate.  If ever there was a time to stand up for the heart of our nation, it’s now.

In this edition, we talked with concerned citizens from across the state about the hateful actions boldly exposed in our nation’s politics.  The hate that we are witnessing is infecting the hearts of our people in a way that threatens to make us numb to the indignities and indecencies of the oppressors.  But we are a forward moving people who have always been willing to fight against hate. Hate will not win because we won’t allow it. Yes, we are being tested now, but I am encouraged that there is still more good than evil, more love than hate and that we will not succumb to those who misuse their power to try to destroy us.

As we celebrate the holiday season, I pray it pricks your heart to continue to stand against hate—today, tomorrow and forever!

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