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Let’s face it most of us have a long “to do” list of things we say we want to do, but we don’t seem to ever get around to doing them. We come up with creative reasons to justify our lack of action and progress toward crossing off items on the list, year after year. You know it’s true. We blame our busy schedules, our finances, even our children as reasons why we’re not making progress accomplishing the things that we say matter to us. I must confess I’m guilty of this myself, even with some of the simplest of things.

Well, this year, my “to do” list is much shorter, more targeted and definitely within my reach. I don’t mind sharing that one of the more important things on my list is having more one-on-one conversations about race relations with people who may have opinions different than my own. Another big one for me is carving out more “me time” and doing it intentionally. Now, please understand that my “me time” doesn’t necessarily mean alone time, it’s simply spending more time doing the things I enjoy, which often involve other people.

In this edition of IMARA Woman magazine we focus our attention on stories and tips to help you “Get It Done”. We start by highlighting two dynamic women whose story will help motivate you to get moving on your goals. Lesenta Lewis-Ellis lost her job to a bad economy but used that loss to start her own construction company and later a transport company. Her story is proof positive that good things can come from negative circumstances. (page 10) When Deborah McKetty left Greenville to attend college at the University of South Carolina in the mid 1970’s, she had no intention of returning. But as fate would have it, she listened to her heart and is living her purpose back home in Greenville helping underserved communities across South Carolina. (page 14)

So what does it take to “get it done?” It varies from person to person but according Dr. Markesha Miller there are some basic tools to success that we need to keep in mind when crafting our goals. (page 24)

One thing is certain, time is limited and slips by so quickly that it seems a pity to squander it. My grandmother used to sing the gospel song, “While the blood is running warm in your veins”. The older I get the more relevant the words of the song are to life. Let’s not waste more time putting off the desires of our heart. Let’s make 2017 the year we get it done!

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