March-May 2015 IMARA Woman Issue – “Staying Power”



IMARA Woman’s 15-Year Staying Power

Positive platforms educate, inspire, and empower SC communities

By Perdita Spriggs

IMARA Woman magazine co-founders Paul and Wendy Brawley channel their dreams into community action. Mixing heartfelt determination and social commitment, Paul and Wendy have firmly rooted IMARA Woman Magazine deep in South Carolina soil, first as a positive storyteller and now as a go-to platform that educates, inspires, and empowers. They believe uplifting news has given IMARA Woman 15-year staying power during calm and tempest times.

“Paul and I were watching the news and realized we didn’t see very many good stories,” remembers Wendy, publisher and chief executive officer.  “Somebody needed to start a magazine showcasing local successes, highlighting people of color. I asked Paul, ‘Why can’t we do it?’”

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IMARA Woman’s mission is simply to empower women of color by being a source of inspiration on issues of health, professional development, education, business and family.

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